Thursday, 12 January 2012


I really love to chase my laser dot in the evenings.  Its such great fun.  I haven't managed to catch it yet, even though I have tried really hard.
I wonder if the laser dot is responsible for "burning" a hole through the eggy peg box yesterday?  Yeah, I bet that's what did it!


Mr Puddy said...

Miss You Miss Jasmine !!!!

Yep ! it's a taught game !
Now I wonder who can catch the laser dot ?
I tried thousand times, Never ever catch it !

Good luck Miss Jasmine

brandi said...

Does yours go up the walls, too?? Now that's hard!

The Cat From Hell said...

We has not played with that for a while. Cinnamon goes nuts trying to catch it too and it is like a elephant bouncing around the room!

Photo Cache said...

we luff it too. so much fun!

emma and buster

Madi and Mom said...

Of course it was the red laser dot who ate through the egg carton...because we know your are too much of a lady to do that!

ABBY said...

Go go go go go Jasmine, we know you'll catch it!

tee hee

Prancer Pie said...

We bet it was that ornery laser dot!

The Whiskeratti said...

OF COURSE it was the laser thingies' fault. It's never the kittehs fault. Everyone knows this.

The Island Cats said...

We've never been able to catch that red dot either!!

Natalie said...

That darn elusive laser is a big hit here too! I'm sure it's to blame for eating through your egg carton. After all, we know it wasn't you who did that!

Eric and Flynn said...

The dot drives us crazy because even when we know we have caught it, it disappears again.