Thursday, 9 June 2011

Happy Birthday Simba, 8 today wooohoooooo


Party Balloons


Simba is waiting on the garden table so he can inspect all the yummy food that's going to get laid out for everyone :)

Homemade Lion King Birthday Cake
We have a special Simba the Lion King cake yummmy

Cream Enamel Cat Biscuit Tin
We have a very large tin of yummy kitty biscuits
Lots of yummy ham
An everlasting water fountain to wash all the yummy food down
We have lined up a game with the cat treat ball
Hide and seek in the play tunnel
Set of 3 Catnip Long Haired Rattler Mice  <!-- 2.40 -->
And a few games of hunt the fluffy mousies
Catwalk Cat Bed Cairo Plush Mini Brown/Beige
Cat Cave Bed with Heart design
and we have plenty of snuggly places to have a snooze after all the food and fun :)
 ps our kitty friend came back again so mummy has invited him to the party.  We are going to try and find out if he belongs to any neighbours this weekend when folk are around.

25 comments: said...

Happy Birthday Simba!! Sounds like you have a fabby day planned :) xx

Mr Puddy said...

Happy Birthday Happy Purrsday Simba !!!!!!!!
Wow, Your pawty is Awesome !!!!
I ate , I play, I nap...COD !!! I really have a great day
Thanks for invited me

Huffle Mawson said...

Party time! Happy birthday Simba!

Fuzzy Tales said...

Happy birthday, Simba! Wow, what a party! We'll be right over with some fresh garden nip and some of Derry's fuzzy pipe cleaner "snakes" to add to the fun! :-)

jabblog said...

Happy Birthday, Simba:-) I love your cake and all your food and games. I'm glad your new little friend is coming too.

Hannah and Lucy said...

We came over to wish you a furry Happy Birthday Simba - your mom has put on some great noms for your party - we'll start with a slice or two of ham - it looks delish.
Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

Cat said...

Happy Birthday Simba!!! Great party, thank you for inviting us :-)

OKcats said...

Happy Birfday, Simba! Wow, food, toys, beds - where to start???? Wahooo!!!!!

♥♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥♥ said...

Looks like one fine pawty!!! Happy Birthday, Simba.

Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

♥I am Holly♥ said...

Happy Birthday Simba!!! That sure looks like a fun pawty!!! Lots of love, Debbie & Holly

SAS....Sammy, Andy and Shelly said...

Happy Birthday, handsome fella!!!!!!!!!


Madi and Mom said...

Happy 8th B-day Simba... Sammy, Andy and Shelly told us it was your special day. Your party was lots of fun.
Madi and Mom

Marg said...

We came to wish you a very Happy Birthday and hope that you have a wonderful day and many more of them. Wow, that food looks so good. We are certainly going to dig in to the goodies. Have yourself one heck of a day Simba.

Athena said...

Happy birthday Simba! This is a great pawty!

The Whiskeratti said...

We're there too! Happy B Day, Simba.

Amy and The House of Cats said...

Happy Birthday Simba! Wow what a great party this is - so many wonderful foods and toys!

Of course no birthday would be complete without us singing our favorite birthday song - we hope you like it!

What day is today?
It's Simba's Birthday!!
What a day for a Birthday!
Let's all have some cake!!

We hope you have a wonderful, fun, treat filled birthday!!

Eric and Flynn said...

Happy Birthday Simba. What a great party. We hope you have a wonderful day.

Katnip Lounge said...

Happy Happy PurrfDay, Simba! We brought a jar of moths to open up and play with...and CATNIP!
Thanks for inviting us to your fabulous pawty!

ABBY said...

A very happy purrday sweet Simba.
Wow what a pawtee you have going on here today.
We can't wait to have a bite of that cake!


Cat Chat With Caren And Cody said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIMBA!!!! Wow 8 years old!!! Who'd a thunk it??? You look marvelous!!!

Your cake is so delicious looking and I love the Lion King theme! Is there any left? I would love a piece!

Hope you are having a wonderful birthday!
Love from Mom and Cody

The Island Cats said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Simba!! What a fun party!!

Hey, Simba, I'm gonna be 8 years old next week, too!!


Simba said...

Happy Happy Birthday, Simba! Just wonderful, your party. I have had lots and lots of fun.

Gracie could not get in to comment and so here is her message to you:
Sending birthday wishes and cheers to Simba. This is one great party and I am so glad that we are all together to celebrate. Wishing you many, many, many, and many more years of birthday times a zillion.

Nydaoni said...

Happy Birthday, Simba!

Catsparella said...

Hi Simba!! Sorry I'm a little late, but I hope you had a wonderful 8th birthday!!

Samantha, Clementine and Maverick said...

Happy 8th Birthday Simba and many, many, many moooore!!! So sorry we missed your party!!
Your TX furiends,